House of Elliot Red Lace Wedding Boots

Misty wearing Goodnight Sweetheart Red lace over the knee bridal boots

February is the month synonymous with all things love and I have been saving this amazing wedding until now as the incredible love between Misty and Tammy shines though in these wonderful photos of their special day.

Misty paired our handmade red ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’ over the knee lace boots with a Hollywood vintage inspired dress and I was honoured when she told me that she styled her wedding theme around them!

The iconic Audrey Hepburn said that the ‘the best thing to hold onto life is each other’ and when you see these wonderful love filled photos of Misty and Tammy I couldn’t agree more! Thank you so much to both of you for sharing your fabulous love story with us and we wish you love, health and happiness together!

Wedding wishes and love as always,

Nicole xx

So tell us about how you met and the proposal…

We met 20 years ago through a mutual friend. She hired me as contract labour for her new graphic design studio. We became fast friends and have been in and out of each other’s lives since then. We reconnected when I overheard someone in a coffee shop saying her name. I called her and she invited me to go sailing on a friend’s boat and things progressed from there.
The official proposal was 2 years later on Christmas eve. We had been decorating and wrapping gifts all day. I was extremely dirty and tired. She walked into our shower fully clothed and got on one knee to propose. I immediately accepted through happy tears. I was mortified that she would have chosen the moment I looked the worst to do such a thing, but simultaneously grateful that her love for me transcended aesthetics.
Vintage Hollywood Glamour wedding
Where did you get married and who did you invite?
The intention for the wedding was to be a small gathering with close friends and some family. However, with the hundreds of people we know and have known through the years, it was not that simple. We initially sent 80 invitations, but our guest count doubled quickly.
The venue is quite large and the grounds are beautiful and we had planned to marry outside at sunset under the canopy of Oak trees wrapped with lights. However, the week of the wedding, the weather changed drastically and got rainy and cold so we had to change the entire plan. We ended up getting married inside where the reception was planned. It ultimately made the event more intimate – even with the large guest count – and the love was palpable in the room!
Texas Winter Wedding Inspiration - Bride Misty walks down the aisle
What was the main inspiration for your wedding?
I know this will look like pandering, but the inspiration was truly the boots from House of Elliot. I knew I wanted one of my colours to be red – so I started looking for red shoes. Believe it or not, those are hard to find… classy ones anyway. So I just searched for “red wedding boots”. When I saw the red lace boots, I knew I had to have them. And those were truly the inspiration for the entire night; I bought those before I even bought the dress, which was silver. So red and silver became the wedding colours, and the boots represented a classic, vintage look. They made the night perfect for me. I am accustomed to wearing heels, but I was worried that being on my feet for 5-6 hours was going to hurt. The boots are a lower heel and comfortable. I danced and made it through the night without pain… and looked beautiful doing it!
Boudoir Red Lace Boots
Tell us about your wedding look
I was going for vintage… kind of old-Hollywood style, 20’s look. It was not easy because no one really ever saw my vision. I did it alone – no girlfriends to help as is done traditionally (I suppose). So when it all came together, I was proud of myself and happy that I had accomplished such style for my big day. The photographer captured the style and the mood of the whole night perfectly. He is an amazing photographer and I have never felt more beautiful.
House of Elliot real wedding feature
What made you choose a pair of House of Elliot boots for your wedding day?
I chose House of Elliot’s boots because they were the classiest pair of shoes I could find, unique in style, and perfect for my personality. When I tried to order them, my size was not available and I was not taking no for an answer! So I messaged Nicole directly. She was so helpful and kind. And she worked with me to make sure the size she did have available would work with my foot. I was overjoyed to receive them and that they actually fit!
Red Over the Knee Lace Boots
What did you love the most about your wedding day?
I loved being so loved and adored that day. I’ve always scoffed at and dismissed weddings; I never had any desire to get married and I secretly laughed at women who made such a big deal of their wedding day. But when I found the boots and I began to piece my attire together, I had a tremendous amount of satisfaction with the style and look that I had created. And when I received such praise and admiration from the people I loved, it made me feel like royalty. One of my friends called it “high drag” and another one called me “Christmas Barbie”… both terms of endearment.
Misty and Tammy Real House of Elliot Wedding
Vintage Glamour Texas wedding Misty and Tammy
What pearls of wisdom would you share with future brides who are planning their wedding?
The one thing I would highly recommend is to enjoy planning and creating the mood of the day/evening WITH your person. Have fun!! Be present and listen to one another’s ideas and dreams for how you want to present your love. It is not always about one of you – it’s about both of you and your life together. We included Tammy’s daughter in our ceremony by pouring sand into one vessel as a symbol of unity and to combine our family. Because that is the point of such an event… combining your lives with your loved ones present. We also added humour into our ceremony to help make it entertaining for all present. It’s symbolism that stays with all of you for years to come.
Misty and Tammy House of Elliot Real Wedding
House of Elliot real bride feature Misty and Tammy Texas
Special thanks to Mike Reed Photography and Steve DeMent Photography for these wonderful images!