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Inspired by centuries of style, House of Elliot England marries tradition with contemporary flair.

About House of Elliot Lace Wedding Boots Hello, my names is Nicole and welcome to House of Elliot England. Your wedding day is a truly unique experience, as it is the chance to put your own unique twist on a tradition almost as old as time. Inspired by the antique fashions of the Regency and Victorian eras, I wanted to provide a collection of unique bridal shoes & boots that allowed each bride to rethink the traditional through reflecting her own style.

In the eight years since our launch in 2009, we have had the honour of being a part of so many different weddings, each as creative and unique as the last. Both the wonderful feedback and photos full of joy prompt the biggest smiles in the House of Elliot office.

I believe that every Bride deserves to feel special. In the House of Elliot Collection, you will find every detail comes together to create a unique experience. The blend of timeless materials and vintage inspired design create a luxurious mix of beauty, elegance and undeniable romance. As you walk down the aisle, in the footsteps of so many before you, you will be assured that this experience is as memorable and unique as you are.

As you will be thinking of the details for your big day, we have thought through every detail to ensure that your bridal footwear isn’t something you have to worry about.

From the custom-made chrome eyelets which we hand thread the satin ribbon through, down to the soft leather insoles with extra cushioning for complete comfort, each pair of House of Elliot lace boots and shoes is handcrafted from the finest materials to ensure the best finish. Furthermore, we only sell direct.

This is so we can completely focus on our brides, ensuring you a warm and friendly approach wherever you are in the world. It is this tailored experience for every House of Elliot bride, that has allowed us to collect some truly wonderful testimonials over the years.

House of Elliot Lace Wedding Boots and Shoes Testimonials & Reviews

My boots were so elegant and beautiful on my wedding day that people are still talking about them. They were so me! Thank you, for a fun, glamorous pair of boots that my husband says I must wear again.

Lauren, USA.

Delivered to you in a beautiful handmade box, you will be able to treasure your footwear as a keepsake of your special day forever. From the moment the soft lace envelopes your leg to the first step you take into married life, your shoes will carry some magical memories.

We sincerely hope you say ‘I do’ to an order with House of Elliot!


Nicole xxx

House of Elliot England Lace Boots Packaging

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