House of Elliot


Inspired By Centuries Of Style, House Of Elliot England Marries Tradition With Contemporary Flair.

If you’ve been looking for statement wedding shoes that really reflect your personality and let your style shine through, you’ve come to the right place – and we’re so glad you’ve found us! Our range of lace footwear is inspired by antique, Victorian and Edwardian fashions, and made to inspire the modern brides who adore that same elegance and grace in turn. All of our luxurious boots and shoes have an air of regency and sophistication about them, whilst simultaneously remaining classic and timeless.

I often like to think of House of Elliot boots as lingerie for your legs, as it’s just as much about the experience of putting them on as it is about how they look. Alongside exuding graceful femininity, our boots have a bold and undeniably sexy design which makes them the perfect hidden surprise for your partner and promises the tantalising experience of lacing them up (or down!).

This playful design means our lace boots are also perfect for boudoir shoots and special occasions. And whilst we’re best known for providing vintage bridal boots, our heirloom styles are also perfect for gothic and alternative fashion styles as well as completing cosplay and authentic costumes too.

At every step of the process, we work with small-scale independent businesses to ensure that our lace footwear will stand the test of time as much as their design has.

From sourcing our divine vintage lace patterns to the sumptuous satin ribbon we thread through them at the finishing stage – and even to the soft leather insoles, which provide you maximum comfort when you’re on your feet all day! – each pair of House of Elliot boots is handcrafted by artisans to ensure you feel your most confident.

We also package every pair into their beautiful keepsake box by hand, to ensure you’re always putting your best foot forward. From start to finish, our shopping experience should and always will be as unique as our footwear, and as our wonderful customers.

That’s why we pride ourselves on our tailored customer service, too. As someone with a lifelong love for shoes and the power they hold to transform you and your mood in an instant, it’s a privilege to now be sharing this passion with people going through one of the most exciting and important times of their life. This means we’re personally on hand – or foot! – to assist you through the process.

We get to know you and your needs, which explains why we’re always grinning from ear to ear when you send us your photos!

MEET THE founder

And who is it you’ll be chatting to? Me, Nicole! I’m a total shoe-lover (before House of Elliot, my nickname at work was “Boot Lady” as I have so many pairs) and a complete bibliophile. My love of literature and historic romance started when I was little, and solidified when I went to study English and Italian literature in the quintessentially British town of my dreams, Oxford.

Such timeless, aspirational romance is my main inspiration for our luxurious vintage wedding shoes, resulting in the daring, dramatic yet delicate designs we’ve come to be known and loved for.
Whether for weddings or any other special occasion, I hope you say ‘I do’ to a pair of House of Elliot shoes!

With Wedding Wishes & Love,
Nicole xo