White Lace Couture Wedding Garter


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Beautifully handmade in the UK using the finest lace and luxury trims. Each lace wedding garter is individually wrapped in soft tissue paper and is designed to compliment the uniqueness of your lace wedding boots.


Celebrate true romance with these captivating lace wedding garters by House of Elliot. Handmade using the softest white lace and adorned with an oversized diamonte brooch tied using the same matching double sided satin ribbon we use for our wedding boots.

Nothing says luxury like handmade lace garters and perfect of course with our lace wedding boots!

Sizing Guide: Measure from the knee 6 to 7 inches high up your leg. How high you would like your garter is up to your discretion. Measure the circumference of your leg at the point you have chosen and there you have the perfect sized wedding garter! Each garter measures 3 inches high.

Garter SizeInchesCentimeters
Small15 – 17 inch38 – 43 cm
Medium16 – 18 inch42 – 47 cm
Large18 – 20 inch46 – 55 cm
Extra Large22 – 24 inch56 – 60 cm