Regency Lace Ankle Boots for Wedding

A Bridgerton inspired wedding is set to be one of the top wedding trends of this year and we cannot be more excited as the show is simply exquisite in its Regency settings and above all jaw-droppingly gorgeous costumes and accessories. The Netflix series has been described as a steamy Jane Austenesque ‘Gossip Girl’ and romance lovers across the world have been glued to the screen savouring every glorious period detail. The attire of the Actors is described as ‘Regency with a Twist’ by Phoebe Dynevor who plays the lead role of Daphne Bridgerton, and the sumptuous fabrics of the gowns worn by the female cast, take the more simple lines of original Regency fashion to luxurious new heights. And we can’t forget all those corset bursting steamy scenes throughout, just perfect for a pair of House of Elliot super sumptuous lace boots (wink). So today my fair reader we will take you through planning a Bridgerton inspired wedding which even Lady Whistledown will be impressed with…

Image courtesy of Netflix

The Venue:

In the series the location is London but in reality, many of the scenes were set in Bath, which is only a stone’s throw from House of Elliot’s very own studio! It’s no wonder this location was chosen as it was not only the original haunt of Jane Austen but is brimming with the Regence architecture of the year the series is set in 1813. House of Elliot hosted a styled wedding shoot at Purton House in Wiltshire which features the same elegant Regency architecture and the good news is that it is also an intimate wedding venue!

Photos by Stacia Morgan Photography

The Bridal Wardrobe:

There is no doubt that the costume team behind Bridgerton is one of the finest in the world. From the sumptuous fabrics to the elegant hairpieces lead costume designer Ellen Mirojnik careful curated every piece. Dapne’s bridal gown for example incorporated a one of a kind piece of beautiful embroidered organza fabric which Ellen found in Madrid. The series has even instigated it’s very own fashion trend ‘Regencycore’ filled with soft ruffles, elbow-length gloves and of course the ever-present corset.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

There are plenty of ways you can incorporate the elegance of the Regency period into your wedding look. The talented costume design team added modern elements to the fashion of the time including pops of pastel colour, ruffled collars or as in the case of the Featheringtons bolder yellows and greens and over the top embroidery.

The Dress:

Capped sleeves, empire line dresses and classic scoop necklines are all elements of Regency fashion which are embedded in the bridal fashions of today. If you are dreaming of a traditional Regency silhouette then this beautiful gown by Emma Hunt London may be the one for you. It comes complete with a stunning crystal diamante belt at the empire line, not to mention that it looks perfect with a pair of our vintage ‘Evangeline Elliot’ knee-high lace boots!

Photo: Daniel Moncur Simme

Or you may want to add a more modern twist to your Bridgerton wedding look by adding a pop of blush pink like this dress by With Love And Lace Bridal paired here with a pair of our ‘Josephine’ half-boots.

Photo: Florence Berry Photography

For ‘Bridgerton’ with a modern twist look no further than Langlois Brides beautiful handmade collection. This ethereal gown below incorporates elements of Boho bridal fashion and is perfectly paired with House of Elliot’s best selling ‘Lottie Elliot’ ankle boots. For Brides wanting a more daring look, you may want to have a dress which transforms itself from a sumptuous ballgown to ‘Regency’ mini dress!

Photo: Destiny Dawn Photography
Photo: Whitney Heard Photography
Bridgerton Wedding Dress
Photo: Whitney Heard Photography

The Shoes:

And now for our favourite part, the shoes (or Boots!). We were so excited when the series came out as our collection of handmade lace boots and shoes is inspired by the same period ‘Bridgerton’ is set in, the Regency period. Jane Austen, who wrote in the same era was a fan of shoes and they are mentioned more times than any other fashion accessory in her novels. The elegant ‘half boot’ of the time was a popular style and we have a couple of House of Elliot twists on that very design.

The ‘Lizzie Elliot’:

Bridgerton Wedding Shoes
Photo: Julie Paisley Photography

The dream boot for Brides who seek the elegance of lace paired with the comfort of a sturdier heel these boots are perfect for vintage lovers who want to add a delicate and romantic nod to the Regency era. Not to mention the fact that they make for the most wonderful hidden surprise tucked under your wedding gown.

Victorian Lace Ankle Bridal Boots for Bride Low Heel
Photo: Julie Paisley Photography

The ‘Lizzie Elliot’ ankle boot comes in ivory and we think this would have been Daphne Bridgerton’s favourite style don’t you?

The ‘Josephine’ Half Boot:

Photo: Your Choice Photography by Nisha

A classic design inspired by the half boot of the Regency era, these boots are the perfect marriage of vintage elegance and femininity. The ‘Josephine’ Boot is the perfect choice for those wishing to recreate the classic Regency boot silhouette and is perfect for vintage and period fashion lovers. Also available in black.

The ‘Evangeline Elliot’ lace knee high boot:

Bridgerton Wedding Boots
Photo: Ilaria Petrucci Photography
Photo: Ilaria Petrucci Photography

The ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’ over the knee boot:

If you are looking to add a bit of spice and sass to your Bridgerton wedding look readers, look no further than our luxurious ‘Evangeline Elliot’ knee-high and ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’ over the knee lace boots. Stepping into the soft, sumptuous lace and tying the ribbon is a totally intimate experience, providing the finishing touch (quite literally) to a vision of playful, seductive glamour on your big day. The corset-style laces at the side evoke the bodices of the Regency period and add the tantalising experience of lacing them up and down of course (we ALL remember that scene in the Library with the Duke and Daphne right?). Available in ivory, white and black.

The Hair:

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Now if you LOVE tiaras and sparkle then a Bridgerton inspired wedding is going to make your bridal hair dreams come true. Below we have the perfect hair accessories by our friends Vintage Adornments who exclusively use pieces of original vintage costume jewellery and cleverly transform them into exquisite hairpieces! If you want to recreate Daphe’s look on her wedding day look no further than this beautiful tiara and side comb.  Both add a touch of vintage opulence to a romantic cascade of long curls.

Photo: White Orchid Photography

If you are lusting after a bolder look inspired by the magnificent Queen on Bridgerton then this tiara with rich and regal jewel tones might just be the perfect piece for you. It has just the perfect mix of drama and sparkle to make a dramatic statement on your Wedding Day.

Photo Andrew Wilkinson Photography 
Image courtesy of Netflix

The Wedding Day:

The Duke & Duchess of Hasting’s wedding day was a small intimate affair which in the current wedding landscape was a fortuitous coincidence as bijou sized weddings are now de rigour. But just because your wedding may be small does not mean it can’t be filled with elegant and romantic details.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Elegant shades of white with pops of romantic soft pinks and red abounded in the Duke and Duchesses wedding reception and who could forget that beautiful tiered wedding cake! If you want to recreate something similar with a modern twist then this inspiration courtesy of Gaby Pineda Photo may be just for you.

Or if you are dreaming of the gentle hues of duck egg blue which featured throughout the series then this tablescape featuring original vintage crockery and crystal may be your idea of Regency heaven

Photo courtesy of Nexflix
Jane Austen Elisabeth Bennet Wedding Inspiration
Photo: Stacia Morgan Photography

Netflix’s Bridgerton is the most recent wonderful instalment in a world fixated with the Regency and subsequent Victorian times. We hope we have been able to inspire you with some creative ideas for your very own ‘Bridgerton’ wedding inspiration. It is bound to be the talk of the ‘Ton’!

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Wedding Wishes & Love, Nicole x