Whimsical Spring Wedding Inspiration

If you are dreaming of a wedding that is soft and ethereal with a touch of whimsy then we have the perfect whimsical Spring wedding inspiration for you today. Beautiful House of Elliot Bride Bridget and Groom Brock were married in the stunning mountain setting of Jasper, Georgia and their wedding day was the perfect mix of romance and elegance. The colour palette of periwinkle, pink, gold was so feminine and their wedding cake was one of the prettiest we have seen! Bridget wore a beautiful ethereal dress by Dany Tabet called ‘Flora’ and paired it with our Victorian ‘Josephine’ lace boots in ivory. When you see the amazing photos by Karina Sely you will agree that she is the most stunning Bride. We also loved the Groom’s outfit and his absolutely fabulous pink tie! Thank you Bridget & Brock for allowing us to share your special day and we wish you all the very best on your journey together. And Brides, get your pin button ready to save all the pretty!

Wedding Wishes & Love, Nicole xo

How did you meet your husband and how did he propose?

My husband (Brock) and I met in the most untraditional way – at a bar. I saw this handsome man sitting all alone so I built up the courage to go talk to him. After a couple minutes of bantering I asked him if he wanted to buy me a drink and he said “NO.” What a catch! By the end of night I got his number and to my surprise, he called me the next day to ask me on a date. And from there, the rest is history!

Our proposal took place at midnight on new years (2019) three years into dating. We were in downtown Macon, just around the corner from where we met. I can’t remember exactly what he said but it went something like “My new year’s resolution is to leave the boyfriend/girlfriend title in 2019 and become a fiance in 2020” I was so shocked, I had no idea he was going to propose!

Where did you get married and who did you invite?

We got married in the mountains of Jasper, GA. We went back and forth on whether or not to postpone the wedding due to covid but ultimately decided to go through with it as vaccines were readily available for all groups. Thankfully, the majority of guests were vaccinated which made for an amazing wedding! This was the first event Brock and I’s family had attended since covid broke out and it was a much needed break from the new normal. In the end, we cut our guest list down to about 90 people and it turned out to be the perfect sized wedding.

What was the main inspiration for your wedding?

I wanted to have a whimsical, spring vibe. We went with periwinkle, pink, gold and ivory for our colors. I grabbed a ton of ideas from pinterest to help me better visualize the color combination and overall look.

Tell us about your wedding look, what style were you looking for?

My husband said he always pictured me in a whimsical wedding dress and while I didn’t quite know what he meant then, I certainly did once I tried on my dress. I wore Dany Tabet’s ‘Flora’ gown and fell in love as soon as I put it on. I was trying on styles that I would never normally pick out just to see how they looked on me and I am so glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone. As for my hair, my maid of honor and best friend of 15 years’ mother was my stylist. She had done my hair for every school dance and big event in my life, it only made sense that she did my hair on my big day! I wanted to look like I could have been taken out of a rococo painting and she nailed it.

What made you choose a pair of House of Elliot boots for your wedding day?

I was browsing Pinterest when I saw a pair of the Josephine boots pop up and I KNEW I had to have them! I was a bit hesitant at first because they didn’t really match the dress but in the end, they complimented each other so well. waited months to buy them just in case I saw anything better but I kept coming back to the Josephine boots!

What did you love the most about your wedding day?

I loved getting the chance to talk to Brock right after the ceremony. We were both so giddy and couldn’t believe that we were married, it was a moment of pure excitement! We didn’t have a first look so it was also the first time either of us had seen each other all day and I was anxious to see if my dress lived up to his “whimsical”  expectations. After we were able to catch up, we met with our guests and were able to catch up with people we haven’t seen in years.

What pearls of wisdom would you share with future brides who are planning their wedding?

My biggest piece of advice would be to get a wedding planner. I would have saved myself so much trouble and stress if I had somebody to manage everything! Trying to plan a wedding while in school and working was an absolute nightmare! Also, don’t bend to other people’s wishes. I had countless family members telling me how my day should go when I wanted something completely different. Brides will always have unwanted opinions and it is so important that you get what you want out of your big day!

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Anything else you would like to share…

Thank you to House of Elliot for the opportunity to share my wedding day with everybody! I am so happy I chose to wear your boots on my big day and I hope I will have a reason to wear them again soon.

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