House of Elliot Vintage Chic Wedding Real Bride Feature Vintage Lace Wedding Boots

One the things I always ask when a Bride chooses her House of Elliot footwear is to send me photos of their wedding day. There is no doubt about it, my favourite moment is seeing photos of our gorgeous Brides, so when Lindsey sent me an e-mail with a link to her wedding gallery I just knew I had to share her and Patrick’s beautiful wedding day with you.

Lindsey and Patrick’s wedding was held in Washington, Michigan and they chose an elegant vintage chic theme with a rose gold and copper colour palette. As Patrick is Polish and has a large family around 450 guests were invited! Lindsey looked absolutely radiant in a stunning long-sleeved vintage inspired lace dress and chose to complement it with a pair of our vintage collection ‘Evangeline Elliot’ knee length lace boots. The result is a timeless, romantic and elegant bridal look which is just breathtaking and I know you are going to fall in love with it just like I did.

I hope you enjoy reading their wedding story and looking through their gorgeous wedding photos by Suitcase Heart Studio Photography. I am so honoured to share their special day with you and we wish Lindsey & Patrick much happiness, love and health and this new chapter of their journey together!

Wedding Wishes & Love as Always,

Nicole xxx

House of Elliot Real Bride Testimonials Lindsey and Patrick

So how did you meet your husband and how did he propose?

Patrick and I met in 2011 because both of our families owned restaurants in the same small town.  It was just inevitable that we would meet! He used to come in to my families place while I was working after he was done with his shift.  He would sit there for hours at the bar and chat me up. It took him a couple months to get the nerve to finally ask me out and we have been together ever since! In 2015 we planned a two week road trip for just the two of us. We were leaving Michigan and heading to New Orleans. We had a lot of stops on the way and on the way back. We had planned the trip so we could end in Indiana at the Indy 500 with all of our friends and family.  We had been in New Orleans a night or two already when we decided to go to the Botanical Gardens. We were walking around the gardens and came across the most beautiful tree I had ever seen, so I asked him to take my picture. He crouched down to take the picture and I felt like it was taking him forever, I didn’t know why. All of the sudden he walks over to me with a antique bottle with a note in it. He got down on one knee and read his note asking me to marry him! I was completely in shock but of course said YES! The whole time I didn’t notice that he had hired a photographer to capture the whole moment. The photographer was the one who set up the bottle and note in the gardens for Pat to use. He told me he had been planning this for months! I had NO CLUE at all and couldn’t believe he pulled it off. Second happiest day of my life!

Vintage Chic Wedding Long Sleeved Lace Dress

Where did you get married and who did you invite?

We were married on June 3rd, 2017 in Patrick’s home town of Washington, Michigan at Greystone Golf Course. The reception was held at the San Marino Club in Troy Michigan. We had a very large wedding, about 450 guests were invited. Patrick is Polish so his family is very large so that’s why we travelled to his home town for the wedding. It was absolutely perfect!

Vintage Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

What was the main inspiration for your wedding?

The inspiration for my wedding was Vintage Chic for lack of better words. I used copper and rose gold as my main colours and went from there with the rest of the decor. My mom and I made all of the centerpieces then hired Ralph from Bellisario Florists in Eastpointe, Michigan to add flowers to everything. Pretty much everything else was bought and put together by my mom and me.

Rose Gold Copper Wedding Cake

Ivory and Blush Vintage Wedding Bouquet

Vintage Inspired Wedding Look

Tell us about your wedding look

Vintage, vintage, VINTAGE! I have always dreamed of a long sleeve wedding dress. So when I went shopping it was all I looked at. But I didn’t like a single dress that already had sleeves. I was about to give up when someone suggested I tried on this last dress. I tried it on and it was THE ONE! It didn’t have sleeves like I wanted but I had them added later on.  I bought my dress, the bridesmaid dresses and the grooms suits all from Fantastic Finds in Lansing, Michigan. This place was by far the best part of my wedding process. Kim is seriously a saint and Hilda is their alterations queen! She took my ideas for my dress and made them a reality. I seriously could not have ended up any happier!

Ivory long sleeved wedding dress with vintage lace bridal boots

Vintage Wedding Hair and Makeup Inspiration

Long Sleeved Lace Wedding Dress with Buttons

Unique Wedding Shoes Lace Wedding Boots

What made you choose a pair of House of Elliot boots for your wedding day?

I first saw the boots on Pinterest and I immediately needed them! They were perfect for my theme and I knew they would look amazing with my dress!

Vintage Lace Bridal Boots low heel

Ivory Lace Wedding Shoes for Winter

What did you love the most about your wedding day?

The whole day was seriously PERFECT! We were very blessed for everything to go as well as it did, right down to the amazing weather we had. I would have to say my favorite part of the day was walking down the isle and seeing Patrick. The look on his face was priceless. He was SO happy that he was crying!

Vintage Lace Wedding Dress with Long Sleeves and Lace Up Bridal Boots

Bride walking down the aisle vintag long sleeved lace dress

Groom watching bride walking down aisle

House of Elliot Lace Boots Real Brides Vintage Bride

What pearls of wisdom would you share with future brides who are planning their wedding?

Oh I would probably say if at all possible just remember not to stress out to much on your big day. I know that seems hard when you are going through the whole panning process but nothing else will matter when you see your future spouse. I didn’t believe it either when someone told me that advice but it could not be more true!  No matter what goes wrong (because something will always go wrong), you will have each other for the rest of your lives!  Nothing compares to knowing that!

Vintage Chic Wedding Inspiration Rose Gold

Vintage Long Sleeved V Neck Ivory lace wedding dress

Rose Gold Copper Bridemaid Dresses

Anything else you would like to add?

Do not forget to budget for a videographer! Seriously! It was one of the best things I did as I will have the video forever! Completely worth it, no matter what any one else says. I used Jordan Sovis from Sovis Productions. He has done a lot of my friends and families wedding videos.

House of Elliot Lace Boots Real Bride Feature Lindsey and Patrick

House of Elliot Real Bride Testimonials Lindsey and Patrick

Vintage Chic Real Wedding Inspiration

Vintage Ivory Lace Dress with Lace Wedding Shoes Wedding Boots

You can see more gorgeous photos in the gallery below!

Photo credits: Suitcase Heart Studio Photography