House of Elliot Lace Wedding Boots Real Brides

Lace Vintage Ankle Boots from House of Elliot As much as I cherish the holiday season I do love the time just after the New Year when things are back in full swing and we are sending our boots to gorgeous brides all of the world after a brief break. It is also a time when I like to reflect on the wonderful memories which were created in the year just gone by.

I have a special little folder on my computer where I store all the beautiful photos sent to me from the lovely brides who have worn our boots and shoes. Below is just a small selection of some of my favourites from 2016. They represent the joy of what we do at House of Elliot and looking at them makes me feel very privileged about being a part of so many special days.

I can’t wait to see our 2017 ‘Real Bride’ folder grow and wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Wedding Wishes and Love,

Nicole xxx





Photo Credit: Bazland Image 

Bridal Boudoir Lace Wedding Boots
Photo Credit: Shea Christine Photography

House of Elliot Real Bride Cari wearing Lottie Elliot Vintage Lace Wedding Boots

Photo Credit: Simon Gough Photography

Vintage Lace Bridal Boots Testimonial House of Elliot

Photo Credit: David Michael Photography

Boho Wedding Lace Bridal Boots House of Elliot

Photo Credit: Lee Dan Photography

House of Elliot Real Bride Teresa wearing Evangeline Elliot vintage lace wedding boots

Photo Credit: Simon Stewart Photography

Red Lace Bridal Wedding Boots House of Elliot

Photo Credit: Mike Reed Weddings

Vintage Lace Wedding Boots Rustic Farm Wedding

Photo Credit: Elmine Botha

Vintage Lace Bridal Boots House of Elliot Testimonials

Photo Credit: Katherine Wilson Photography

English Wood and Lace Country Wedding House of Elliot Lace Over the knee wedding boots

Photo Credit: Hills & Saunders, The Eton Photographers

Real Bride Carly wearing House of Elliot vintage lace wedding shoes

Photo Credit: Valerio Gargiulo

Neha Bhasin wearing Evangeline Elliot White Lace Wedding Boots

Photo Credit: Burn Pixels Photography

Vintage Lace Wedding Shoes Lace Bridal Shoes

Photo Credit: Spazio Aperto Fotografia

Black Lace Victorian Bridal Boots Black Steampunk Boots

Photo Credit: Steve Bridgwood Photography

Christmas Wedding Lace Vintage Boots

Photo Credit: JW Photography

Bride Wearing Evangeline Elliot Vintage Lace Wedding Boots

Photo Credit: Martin Smith Photography

Boho Lace Bridal Boots with Short Lace Dress